a long pause at the pass, time to move on….

April 2, 2013


Chapter 1: the party

60 is the new 40.

Sounds good.
My 60th started 5 days ago with my Brewsbrothers mates treating me to a special emergency meeting, and culminated last night with a beer and pizza party at Walkerville Brewery in Walkerville Ontario.

My incredible daughters Lindsay and Andrea staged this cool event last night, a quasi-surprise for me: I knew there was going to be a get together but knew neither who all was attending, nor what the theme was. As the guests knew, there was a Seinfeld theme( I have watched this 10 yr series at least a dozen times in its entirety), the girls had set up a mini-museum/shrine to the show with super props from a lot of the classic episodes, plus made Seinfeld-eze buttons for guests to wear! Great blues music blaring on the sound system and Seinfeld episodes playing on the big screen, it set the stage for a great time. Delicious pizza was expertly prepared by Vernon’s of Kingsville, 3 types: vegetarian pesto, pepperoni, mushroom and anchovy, and a reuben pizza(russian dressing for sauce, sauerkraut, pastrami, swiss/mozzarella cheese blend). And of course fresh Walkerville draft beer: lager, a kolsch, a pale ale and swarzlager dark. As the pies were inhaled and the suds flowed, I had a chance to talk and laugh with old friends, family and new friends. And to share it with my wonderful wife Cathy, and Lindsay (Rob and Elijah) and Andrea – was perfect.

Another highlight was a video of me in days past…..the girls could have made it a lot more embarassing for me but decided to take it easy our their Dad. Thanks for that!  To get a glimpse of all the effort and love that Lindsay and Andrea put into the evening, I am inserting a post from Lindsay’s blog Funkylindsay.com, please check it out!


And lastly, all invitees were asked to send in a note of memory they had about me from the past 60 years. Whether they attended last night or not, a note was sent and in short order there was a list of 60 memories that I had the pleasure to read privately this morning. Funny thing, there was an abnormally high number of notes that mentioned alcohol, beer mostly. This is proof of what I have been accusing all of you of: I only drink when friends are present, otherwise I am a complete teatotaller!


The notes made me laugh, made me cry, and I cherish every one….I wish I could have read these notes before the evening got started so that I could have shared some of them with the guests…..or argued some not so true or gray areas! So I will share some of these notes here and remember, any recurring theme about alcohol or beer is way overstated……hope you get a chuckle or shed a tear like I did. To those who attended, and those who attended in spirit, Thanks everyone for thinking of me. Love you too!

Chapter 2: The Notes

As I mentioned above, over 65 memories notes were given to me and I loved everyone of them. However, there were some that needed honourable mention……. oh and Frank R. and Debbie F., your novelettes were just too long to enter, but they were fabulous!!

Also, I can not verify or deny anything written in the notes. Enjoy!

From friends:

IMG_3062The Incredible Bert Lee!

IMG_3063BSE….Best Staff Ever!

IMG_3064Harry, my mentor!…well him and Larry, Moe and Curly

IMG_3066always a place at our table my friend!

IMG_3067the hardest workin man in salmon fishing!

IMG_3068I love fishing, don’t you?

IMG_3069my friend Brian’s  favourite phrase: “Wanna beer?”

IMG_3070speak for yourself!

IMG_3071a class act in Temple Tx

IMG_3073Oh Pauly….

IMG_3074and let’s have many more!

IMG_3099it was the date rape drug. That’s my story and I am sticking with it!

IMG_3102life long friends!

IMG_3103our cajun buds!!

IMG_3106you are too cool a chick for Georgetown!!



From sister, brother, nieces and nephews, in-laws(son, brother, sister):

IMG_3089sounds good to me!

IMG_3060unforgettable times….



IMG_3079real men make their own sausage. period.

IMG_3085this is my defense for everything!!!!!!


IMG_3100Go Tigers!….and Toronto s….

IMG_3087two, three

IMG_3108best sister ever!,

IMG_3088four, five, OK enough already K-1!!!!

IMG_3101fun times


IMG_3093right back at you K-3. Keep kickin my ass.




From the nieces-in-law(there seems to be a recurrent theme here for some reason):





IMG_3084hey, she’s an Aussie, nuff said…..luv ya Juzzy!

From my family:

IMG_3094you’re the best ,xoxo


IMG_3096my little princess, baby eeah xoxo

IMG_3097guess who???? yep, my little sweetheart xoxo

This is the longest I have ever lingered on any birthday, it was super great, but it is time to move on to bigger and better things, but can’t do that without keeping the past always in mind. Thanks everyone for the memories!!


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